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Arnos online education

is an innovative European organization with healthy roots in the Greek culture. As an e-learning academy, we have developed an educational ecosystem, through which we offer e-learning services for all ages, focusing on New Technologies and practical Pedagogies.

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What we do

Arnos is an Ed-Tech Institute in Greece, that offers educational practices B2C and B2B.
We combine our educational experience with our Ed-Tech companies’ cooperation and we create solutions according to the Pedagogical Practices of 21st Century.
We implement the Socratic Method, by triggering out the dialogue during the teaching procedure and guiding our students how to think and find a problem’s answer themselves.

We believe that education should be considered as a common cultural gift essential to the improvement and development of life, without exceptions.
In this direction, we develop a spirit of communication, by participating in European events and exhibitions, from 2011 and all the years of crisis. Crisis for all of us in Arnos, is a challenge to change not only our way of thinking and acting, but also to upgrade our offering services to students, teachers and parents.
Our direct collaboration with Cypher Learning and with other educational service companies as well, leads our way straight to Arnos International.

Arnos Online Education is the biggest e-learning provider, located in the centre of Athens, with more than 4000 students/-year & 40.000 visitors/day to arnos.gr, using our free and subscription online educational material.
Our company, despite the years of crisis, invests to the Greek education being supported only by with its own resources, showing increase in its revenues year by year.

We get involved

Global Actions

  • Online Educa Conference, Berlin (2017)
    In 2017, we present in On line Educa Berlin Conference, the ways through which the effective use of technology and Ed-tech practices can improve educators’ basic didactic and technical skills.
  • State University of Kuban, Krasnodar, Russia (2016)
    In 2016, Arnos presented “Hellenophony“, a learning service of Greek as a second or/ and foreign language with the integration of ICT and multimedia tools in the educational process.
  • International School of Toulouse, France (2016)Περιγραφή: In 2016, Arnos presented in the International School of Toulouze, France «The Number e“, focusing on its history and its multiple implementations in Finance, Calculus, Astronomy and Geometry as well.
  • International School of Toulouse, France (2015)
    Our research team is presenting a workshop about Creative strategies for teaching war and conflict in Practical Pedagogies 2015, Toulouse, France. Using World War One as the focus, the workshop outlines creative strategies for studying the causes, practices and effects of war.
  • Cairo University, Egypt (2015)
    In 2015, Arnos presented in AISI Conference, held in Cairo, Egypt, the ways through which primary students are able to understand numeracy using the Cuisenaire Method.
  • Online Educa Conference, Berlin (2015)
    In 2015, a honorary distinction worldwide won «Athena» the first free Ecumenical e-School, though its official presentation in OEB.

Social Actions

A prominent dual distinction for its innovative action and its ever-expanding contribution to the community was conquered by ARNOS Online Education at the Lighthouse e-volution awards ceremony 2016, held for the fifth consecutive year at the Athens Concert Hall. In particular, it won the SILVER Award in the “Social Promotion Services” category for the creation of the first Free Online Ecumenical School “Athena” and the Distinction in e-commerce award in the category “E-Shops – Services” for the project “Upgrading the e-shop Of Online Education – arnos.gr »

With its award-winning e-volution awards, the unique awards in Greece that recognize best practices in e-commerce and business, the ARNOS Online Education Organization once again confirms its leadership in online education as well as recognition of the multidimensional Social offer both within Greek territory and abroad.

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