Arnos 1985 -2017
32 years in Education


Book publications

In our effort to help the students of Science and Technological Studies, we expanded our activities by publishing books with extra educational material.

28-30 Nov. Egypt

Presenting in AISI (Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics) Conferrence, the topic: «Building Numbers with Rods»: «Lesson plans with Cuisenaire Method».

Our journey begins

Our journey begins
Arnos Online education was founded, focusing on tutoring University students. Founder and mentor of Arnos is mr. Yannis Krokos, civil engineer and mathematician, driven by his love and passion for education.

2-4 Dec. Berlin

Attending Online Educa presenting the topic: «Athena Global e-School: From Survival to Prosperity».

Ecumenical Social Actions

Through our social activities, we support actively and vigorously students and families in need.

«Athena» ecumenical e-school

Creation of «Athena» Ecumenical e-school in collaboration with the Ecumenical Institution of Constantinopolitans & the Research Laboratory of Microwave and fiber Optics of the National Technical University of Athens (Me/NTUA).

Getting out of Greece

For the first time, Arnos exceeds the Greek borders and attends international educational, technological and book fairs, such as Online Educa Berlin, Bett, CeBIT, Frankfurt Book Fair. Our goal is to gain knowledge that will give birth to the possibility of a limitless education in our country.

Live online tutoring

Considering the advantage of e-class, we pioneer offering a friendly and flexible educational environment, based on pedagogical principles on how to manage tutoring courses. So, in 2008, the attendance of online courses through our online platform, was made possible, eliminating time and distance limits.

Getting to know the e-learning philosophy

Using Moodle, the innovative LMS (Learning Module System) for the time, we incorporated e-learning in our educational philosophy. Since then we evolve each end every day.

6-8 Dec. Berlin

Attending Online Educa presenting the topic: «Teacher’s Uncertainty vs Learning Fromalism». is online is online
We created the first website,, with over 15,000 free educational archives and solver exam questions. «The Global Village of Knowledge»

Distinction in e-commerce

Receiving the Distinction in E-commerce award for at the Lighthouse e-volution awards 2016.

Tutoring HOU students

Hellenic Open University is the first Greek University offering distance learning undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Supporting distance learning, we immediately incorporated courses for HOU students.

Ecumenical actions Silver award

Receiving the Silver award for our ecumenical actions at the Lighthouse e-volution awards 2016. is born

We expanded our horizons for a limitless education by setting the domain name of

15-16 Oct. Toulouse

Practical Pedagogies Conference. Presentation on: «Creative Teaching Strategies for studying war and conflict».

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