Arnos Online Education

is an innovative European organization with healthy roots in Greek culture. As en e-learning academy, we have developed an educational ecosystem, through which we offer e-learning for all ages, focusing on New Technologies and Practical Pedagogies.

  • Ed-Tech Boutique & NEO LMS

    We offer NEO LMS, in collaboration with Cypher Learning, with Ed-Tech tools and practices for higher productivity, engagement and skills accumulation

  • Content

    To engage our learners, we create for each subject the "Super e-Book". It consists of engaging lesson plans, quizzes, live courses, video tutorials, storytelling etc.

  • Mentoring

    Education acquires its luminous dimension with the Socratic interactive teaching and mentoring in the paths of Odysseus, whose mentor was goddess Athena

  • Collaborative Learning

    Engaging out learners takes place intelligently and creatively, in an educational ecosystem of motivation, collaboration and interactivity, by promoting the Socratic Method.

  • Tutorship

    The big difference is achieved by the educator's personal care and his mental luminous potential, because each learner is unique and exceptional.

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